External Combustion was set up in the late 1980’s by artists and performers with an irresistible passion for the creation of spectacle. Now with more than twenty five years experience producing original and bold projects the company has refined a style of work that we think, maintains our creative aims and has established us as true pioneers of ideas and experts in the production of our work.

Take a moment and navigate around the site and get a feel for what we do.

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Latest News

Spring is here!

Well spring has sprung and it is time to provide a bit of news from Ex Com. We had

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Summer has ended.

Summer turned into an eclectic mix of projects for the company and its members, with some notable gigs to report:


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Artistic Director' Blog

New characters for the Prometheus installation

Following a small hiatus with the tweaking and finessing planned for Prometheus’ Garden, I am now designing new machine follies to add to the installation. Much thought has been devoted to the future manifestation of this project,  how it mutates from the original performance showcase with its traditional narrative line, how the idea of an abstracted and textural approach will work with an audience and … › Continue reading

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